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Making scents of multisensory marketing

Leading European shoe emporium Humanic ducts carefully selected scents through different areas on their shop floor: men make their selection while inhaling the sophisticated aroma of a gentlemen’s club; women breathe in a luxurious and heady floral note; a tropical bouquet enlivens the sports wear section, and in the children’s section, a calming, fruity fragrance prevails.

Sceptics shouldn’t turn their nose up at the suggestion that specific aromas do inspire the urge to splurge in your customers. More and more research reveals a tangible link between a fragrance’s bottom notes and the bottom line.

A study of Café & Co, a European coffee shop, showed the staying power that scent installations had on the customer, encouraging him or her to linger longer and spend more time – and money.

South African marketers are quick to sniff out new trends internationally and climb on the band wagon prematurely, but local marketers are cautioned against merely trying it out as a novel add-on without fully understanding it or creating real value in the lives of your customer.

Leia na integra: http://www.thebrandunion.com/News/Detail/142/MakingScentsOfMultisensoryMarketing

Gary Bryant
Executive Director Consulting Services, The Brand Union, Johannesburg
13 maio 2008

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