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Entrevistamos Neela Vermeire para conhecermos um pouco mais sobre sua paixão por perfumes,e pela cultura do seu país.

1. Neella, tell us about yourself and your passion for scents.
I have been a perfume lover for many decades but over the last 15 years I understood more about smaller creators or niche lines. I find perfumers are like artists and they all have their own style. My intention is to share this deep passion so i created my brand from a perfumista's angle not from a marketing background. I hope that people love the perfumes first because of the ingredients. The perfumes are like a collage for each of the period they represent in the first trio.

2.You bring the Indian culture as a source of inspiration for their fragrances. What is the most important factor that you would highlight?

The perfumes represent three vast periods. What is important is to understand the depth of these creations and they have multi-facets. You need to enjoy the composition like a piece of beautiful music from start to finish. Explore without always wanting to know everything. There is a magical beauty in the unknown.

3.India is the land of sensations and aromas, what would be the most important in the olfactory universe in your opinion?

For me India is an assault to your system - so there is good, bad and ugly (like everywhere). Most important notes are spices, wet earth (humid effect), sandalwood, flowers and tropical fruits. There are many other aroma like tea etc.

4.How is this partnership with master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour?

I met Bertrand in 2010 and shared my concept and he loved the idea and wanted to do all three. The partnership started more as three perfumes created without a budget - which is why you can smell highest quality natural ingredients. Bertrand is a magician with spices, oud etc.

5. Have you created an olfactory identity for your brand?

Yes - there are a few common notes used in all the perfumes.We have to connect them.

6. How do you translate the soul of a perfume?

From the beauty of the composition and the honesty of what one feels when try smell a perfume - without any of the marketing fluff.

7.How do you see the brazilian market fragrance and when your collection will be available for us?

As a very small independent creator, I need to re work the bottles for export. I may have to introduce a smaller size for export. If you know charming niche store owners who love exquisite creations - please put us in touch. I cannot work with distributors yet because of my high cost of production.

Estaremos disponibilizando a tradução para o português em breve.
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